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Over the years we have grown in all aspects and continue to every day

About Electro Sales

ELECTRO SALES LIMITED was established FEBRUARY 4TH 1998 based on a non-exclusive distributorship arrangement with SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC-FRANCE, the world’s leading low voltage motor controls and automation specialists.

Today, Electro Sales Limited occupies a leadership position in the region for its broad ranging product inventory, distribution and sales of motor control products-from manual devices to automated motor control centers.


Our History

Over its 20 plus year history the Company has progressed from preferred source of OEM replacement parts in low voltage motor control products to “project powerhouse” , having completed over 500 custom designed and assembled motor control packages for customers ranging from light to heavy manufacturing, including the country’s Water Utility- WASA.

The company has also compiled an impressive list of successfully completed electrical installation projects, including High Voltage transformers, process automation, low and medium voltage variable frequency drives, multiple “design, build, install” control panels and motor control centres, statutory high voltage testing, high and low voltage electrical equipment maintenance and LED illumination designs and installations .



A convenient feature of the company’s operations is a” walk in” retail outlet, fully stocked with recognised brands’ new and retrofit wiring ancillaries, the complete range of cables, wiring devices, and illumination fixtures for residential, commercial and industrial applications.



Why us?

A dedicated, hard working knowledgeable, courteous, technically competent staff complements our unique, service oriented, customer friendly organisation.

Electro Sales Limited values every potential customer, from homeowner to” “do it yourself’ ‘handyman; from self employed electrician, to upscale project managers.

Specialists? Yes! We specialise in customer care and satisfaction!

Meet The Team

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